Supporting K–12 initiatives

NCEES celebrated the professions and sponsored hands-on activities to promote careers in engineering and surveying to children, their parents, and teachers in 2019–20. Along with exploring career options, NCEES focused on how professional engineers and surveyors protect the public.

The organization’s continued support of DiscoverE was a central part of NCEES efforts to engage with K–12 students. Its collaboration with DiscoverE allows NCEES to promote the professions and the importance of licensure to a wider audience. NCEES sponsored the Best Land Surveying Practices special award for the Future City Competition. Future City challenges middle-school teams to design and build cities of the future. By offering this special award at the finals and 41 regional competitions this year, NCEES helped more than 45,000 students learn how surveying is critical to their communities now and in the future.

As part of its efforts to promote the professions of engineering and surveying—particularly to underserved audiences—during the COVID-19 pandemic, NCEES partnered with mechanical engineer Nate Ball, Design Squad Global, and PBS station KLRN in June to provide its first official virtual outreach event. Ball built a miniature zipline in real time with parents and children across the country. NCEES is now working to refine the process, delivery, and virtual engagement to develop a template that will allow the organization to bring K–12 classrooms virtual outreach programs that meet the latest needs for remote learning environments.