NCEES Celebrates 100 years

In the United States, engineers and surveyors are licensed at the state and territory level. U.S. licensure began in 1891 when California passed legislation to regulate surveying. Engineering followed in 1907 when Wyoming began requiring licensure for both engineers and surveyors. As more states enacted similar legislation over the next decade, U.S. licensing boards began to see a need for a national council to help improve uniformity of laws and to promote mobility of licensure throughout the country. The organization now known as the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) was created in 1920 for these reasons.

Today, NCEES continues to focus on advancing licensure and facilitating mobility among the licensing jurisdictions. It provides the Model Law and Model Rules for its member boards to use when enacting legislation, develops uniform exams for the 69 boards to use as part of their licensing process, adopts position statements and policies, and provides the Records program and Credentials Evaluations services.